Roxie gets married

March 24, 2012

Roxie Broke finally married her casanova, Castor Nova.

While there were several guests, only her father’s cousin, Storm, was actually watching the ceremony.

Roxie’s father, Buck, hadn’t actually met his cousin before so she introduced them.

And they chatted.

Castor was so tired he slept through the reception.

The guests danced.

The wedding  party was a great success.

Meanwhile, Roxie’s sister, Shantelle, was falling in love with Rex Schwarz of Bluewater.


The saga of Melisande

March 3, 2012

It appears I haven’t blogged about the tragedy that befell Melisande Kim.  Her husband, Justin, and son, Jason, drowned in the family pool.  She moved back to the family home to grieve.  Of course, Jennifer grieved for the death of her brother as well.

The family was getting on well anyway and they accepted Melisande back without any hassle.  Jennifer was getting to know her mother-in-law better.

I think they bonded after the scare when Jennnifer tried to fix the dishwasher…

It caught fire.

The twins were happy.

[I had other photos but it’s too difficult to find them – they seemed to be placed randomly and I don’t know how to rearrange them (I hate windows 7)].

Parker and Soleil were still in love.

Slowly, Melisande’s grief lessened and she began to enjoy small things.

She felt ready to meet  other men.  She got to know a local called Jimmy Phoenix.  He didn’t seem her type but she was lonely.  She went on a date with him downtown to The Hub.

They ate upstairs in the restaurant,

and danced romantically downstairs.

It was a dream date and Melisande couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Once home she decided she’d move out, find her own place, and invite Jimmy over to live with her.

However, she found out where Jimmy lived and discovered, to her horror, that Jimmy was married.

Not wanting to return home Melisande travelled to Bluewater Village and heard there was a small house available overlooking the sea.  But some other new resident had got in first.  Julien Cooke and just moved in but he was open to having someone share the house with him.  Melisande moved in and they got to know each other…

very well…

Jimmy was, unfairly, jealous and did things like steal their paper.

It wasn’t long before Julien proposed to Melisande.

After work the next day, when Melisande was promoted to draughtsman, she organised a wedding party.  She introduced Julien to her parents.

The vows were said overlooking the sea.

Apart from her parents, Melisande had only invited her brother, Louis.

The wedding party was a roof-raiser.

Melisande’s parents were happy for her.

The day after, the twins grew up.

A visit to Pleasantview!

March 3, 2012

It’s been a while and there are a lot of inhabitants, even after the recent cull.  It’s taken me a while to get round the ever growing Broke family.  Storm’s son is now a toddler.

There were a few birthdays at Buck’s place.

Roxie left university with her fiance, Castor Nova.  They now live in a small house in Pleasantview.

Roxie’s sister, Shantelle, left for university.

She’s quite attractive.

Brother, Jed, grew to a teenager.

The next day both Buck and Danielle grew to elders.

Not bad looking for an old codger.

The saggy boob stage of life, sadly.

Nothing else happening with the family.

Over at Stone’s place, Tad’s son, Cliff, grew to school age.

He loved his mum.

Tad’s little brother, Tatum, finally grew to a teenager.

I’ve started over

January 14, 2012

Too impatient to wait for expansion packs to install, I’ve started the Broke family over, but moved them to Riverblossom Hills.  Naturally, I  have to blog about it, so the new blog is here.

Good news

January 14, 2012

I’m on the way to getting things set back up to play on.  See here for details.

I brought up the idea of re-starting the whole Broke family if nothing further works (I currently have up to Seasons installed).  Will put a poll up.

Ok, seems you have to open an account with a third party, etc.  Can’t be bothered doing that.

So the question is, do I start the Broke family all over again?  I just had a thought that I could move the whole household out and into another neighbourhood.  Then I could have both old and new.

We’ll see.  It all depends on successful installation of the remaining expansion packs.

Is the end nigh?

May 10, 2011

I’m considering ceasing this blog as I find it takes far too long to play Pleasantview.  I may continue blogging about the Brokes but I think I’ll finish with the Goths, Pleasants, et al.

Please leave any comments about your preferences.


March 20, 2011

Parker’s wife, Soleil, wanted an anniversary party.  It was also an excuse to catch up with her brothers who she hadn’t seen for many years.  After all, none of them were getting any younger.

For some reason the guests started dancing on the footpath before even reaching the house.

Soleil got to have a good talk with her brother, Montagne Charvat (on the right).

Her other brother, Ciel (twin of Montagne) was outside lunching with Montagne’s wife, Brooke.

Meanwhile the twins, Pierre and Lily, were in the kitchen with mum (Soleil’s daughter-in-law).

So cute.  You don’t get cute in Sims 3.